Windows 8

I got to play around with Microsoft Windows 8 client with Metro on a few devices. This new OS from Microsoft seems to have a very few improvements over Windows 7. There is new dashboard type interface that appears to be focused on touch devices. In all honesty this seems to be the only improvement of note.

The touch interface is good. The soft keyboard performed well. The interface was easy to navigate and intuitive. I found the use for it to be mostly eye candy though. Anytime you opened a useful application you were taken back over to a Windows 7 feeling desktop. I looked inside regedit and control panel, I found nothing really new here. In fact many things looked exactly like Windows 7.

The lack of finding anything really different in the desktop side of Windows 8 has lead me to believe that maybe Metro was just a skin on Windows. As I later discovered, Metro is in fact not just a skin on Windows 8. The Internet Explorer appears to run in a separate space on Metro vs. the desktop.

I asked myself, what is the benefit of Windows 8 to the average corporate worker in an office? The answer is nothing. The real benefits are for mobile workers and those who wish to consume Windows 8 with a touch device. I could easily see using an iPad or other touch device to consume a Windows 8 virtual desktop with ease. This of course would depend on the swipe and other touch capabilities working via remote desktop.

There are a few other remote worker beneficial technologies in Windows 8. As I discover their real benefits in the future I am sure we will discuss them. For now I am anxiously awaiting the release of Windows 8 client for use in the home.

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