VMworld 2012 – Empowering the Workspace of Tomorrow, That’s Here Today.

Good to here Steve mention that PC’s are not dead. This idea of the post PC era can be misleading. PC’s s are not dead, however more than just PC’s is here to stay. It is really more of a multiple device era. John Chambers with Cisco said it best a few years ago, and I quote it all the time, “any device, any data, any where”. I couldn’t agree more. I realize my experience may be similar but not exactly the same today with different devices. Tablets, phones, desktops, and laptops all have different feels.

Mirage. Well this certainly shows VMware thinks PC’s still exist. Wow. Demo just changed a Windows XP desktop over to Windows 7 with no impact to the user. The demo continues with the users laptop being damaged and now unusable. Mirage keeps a synchronized image of all machines in the data center. IT is able to provide the user his same machine on VMware View utilizing his image from the Data Center. The user then brings his own device, a shiny new laptop, The user then has IT provide the user his windows OS VM in the data center via VMware Fusion.

The next demo is showing some UI improvements for when using a tablet to access a Windows VDI. Improvements have been made to application and document opening. A new way to change between tasks. And finally an improvement to text selection and clipboard activities. All of these are needed and I am speaking from experience. I have logged many hours of virtual windows desktop via tablet.

Horizon is up next. I have been waiting to really use horizon for some time. Horizon can now provide you a single portal to launch services you use. Your view desktop, a few thin apps, your mobile applications, and even XenApp published applications. Horizon mobile has been on the radar for a bit of time. Delivering a VM to a mobile phone to allow for a personal experience and a business experience. Launching a business Application requires you to authenticate. A demo shows here is some protection of the data between the personal workspace and the business workspace.

All in all the horizon suite looks good. The issue I have is a lot of solutions are already in place for me. In a greenfield environment this would be a choice to consider.

Now some fun in the session. Partners are going to each do a 4 minute presentation. Each partner chooses a charity of their choice. The audience votes for best presentation and VMware is going to make a sizable donation to that chastity.

Cisco Techwise TV guys are awesome. Nice tune about LISP. The point? To show that a machine can use the same IP anywhere. This is needed for the workload mobility of the future, that’s here today! Good explanation of lisp done in 4 minutes on the dot. Kaboom was Cisco’s choice, which builds playgrounds for kids.

Dell is up and their charity of choice is girl scouts of America. Dell opens with mentioning how a few years back they didn’t think ESX was ready for production and that we should all be buying scale out servers. Their demo is adding storage to vSphere via vCenter. I have to be honest I’m not impressed since EMC has had this possibility for ~3 years. A mention of Dell Wyse zero clients. A slurry of management consoles flew by and they seemed to be showing 3 or 4 different technologies.

EMC is cloudfreaky and they know it!! Chad Sakac takes the stage. This guy is a good presenter and love talking to him in the office. EMC is playing for the wounded warriors project. The demo is about VMware data protection capability which is built off of Avamar. Chad creates a backup for a VM right in the vSphere UI in 4 steps. Stores a 15 GB vm in just 5GB. VDP makes use change block tracking to cut down on how much you backup and speeds backups up considerably. Next a portal is shown for end users to log into a web client and perform their own restore, good for Helpdesk and application owners.

HP takes the stage next. HP matrix is used with a few clicks and deploys a VDC into vCloud director. The charity for HP is Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

Last up is NetApp, for some reason VMware calls out they are last because they went alphabetical. They are competing for Be the Match. The demo is of a customer of NetApp, Peak Colo, who is a could provider provider, providing clouds to cloud providers. One demo shows the migration of datastores to faster disks with a CLI command. Another demo shows data deduplication saving space so you can buy less storage.

NetApp wins and VMware is donating $10,000 to Be the Match. Be the match does DNA testing to find bone marrow matches. A noble cause, congratulations to NetApp and happy birthday!

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