EMC World 2012 – Day 1 – Transforming to IT-as-a-Service: Best Practices

I like these X as a service discussions. I especially like IT as a Service. Things like service catalog, and reference architecture can be used to not only show what you provide but also give you control over it as well.

Building a collection of standardized services and promoting the use of them is some of the first steps. This is really part of Service Management. Enabling all of the automation and fancy orchestration you want can be done later. I’ll be honest, it took a while for me to realize that. You can easily just have a service catalog with basic stuff and have that be manually provisioned on the back end. Soon after you can collect the most popular and common services you provide and tackle building your service catalog out with them. Standardizing the way you deploy these and taking the time to understand how and why each piece is done will allow for an easy plan on automating it.

An interesting statement from a CIO “I’m 85% virtualized, my customers still hate me.” Why? Virtualization solves IT problems not business problems. I couldn’t agree more. Does IT-as-a-Service solve business problems?

Here’s the slide… How to get started? Step 1, Transition to Modern Cloud Architecture. Step 2, Launch a specific service. Step 3, Run IT as a Business.

The presenter, Edward Newman, runs a blog called Mr. Infrastructure.

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