EMC World 2012 – Day 1 – General Session Keynote Joe Tucci, Pat Gelsinger

i always like to hear Joe speak. First let me say excellent intro. Loved the space theme and energy generated by the short show.

Good catch on the information around public vs private cloud. I agree silly argument. Answer is Yes to both.
Unstructured data is growing 3x faster and is already 5-7 times as large as structured data. This immediately makes me want to find a solution to allow my NAS type storage to grow with it. Solutions like Isilon come to mind.

I love the idea of FAST. It plays right into the topic that one size does not fit all. I dislike the idea of locking anything down to only being able to consume on thing. Everything is a balance and give and take. Nothing is really static anymore. This creates some new challenges for things like troubleshooting and consistency.

Everyone seems to be supporting idea of end users being able to consume data from any device securely. Let’s go ahead and all agree that this is ok and move on. I will use whatever the latest cool device is and I will get some level of access to the data I consume. I get a better creation experience on a pc for some apps and a better consumption experience on other apps from my tablet and smartphone.

Interesting concept of applying physics terminology to IT. Data is the new center of gravity for IT.

Now for the 42 product releases….since 42 is the answer to the ultimate question…

There is a formula for this… ((4+1) * V)^m.

((VMAX, Isilon, Atmos, VNX + DataDomain) * Virtualization) ^ Management

I see Unisphere for VMAX on the screen. Looks similar to SMC. Want Unisphere for your VMAX? Upgrade to 5876. I see ProSphere on screen as well. Looks nice. Federated tiered storage allows 3rd party storage behind a VMAX to be tiered. VMAX SP has multI-tenant and metering and billing. I wonder if that is available as a bolt on to VMAX and VMAXe?

Isilon is hot! Big data storage, fast, easy, scalable, simple, and cost effective. For me this likely will replace Celerra. Isilon now supports cifs, nfs, FTP, http, and hdfs. Nice to see Hadoop filesystem on it.

A number of VNX updates.

DataDomain, I agree, is one of the best technologies for protecting data. DD Boost for RMAN looks interesting. As does new Avamar version 6.1.

VPLEX as a VM yes! Please please RecoverPoint as a VM? I asked for this 3 years ago. I want to be able to assign RecoverPoint as a policy to a vApp or VM.

Management, yes we all need better management for all of this technology. EMC DataBridge is EMC’s answer. Interesting demo. I’ll investigate if it delivers.

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