EMC World 2012 – Day 1 – Cloud Architect: Do you have what it takes to lead the transformation?

Packed session. Standing room only. This must be a hot topic.

Transforming what or to what? IT as a service?

What is causing the transformation? Competition with the public service providers who can provide services faster via credit card to our customers than IT can. The business is not willing to wait.

It as a business. Service oriented p&l focused broker and builder market driven

enabling technology, pubic private hybrid cloud, enable automation, financial transparency, self service capabilities,

Should we have marketing people working in IT? Sales? I have said yes.

Do all of our sla’s have to be five 9’s? No

Application huggers are worse than server huggers. Emotional tie to apps and servers.

Cost to serve. Not capex and opex.

LOB product manager to take business requirements and define offerings.

Discovery and assessment.
Define strategy. Governance, economics, efficiency.
gather data. Inventory services, organizational and governance and service, and technology gaps.
perform analysis. Prioritize, and justify.

Out of chargeback, portal, and service catalog which would you build first? Chargeback.

Workload analysis for right-sourcing. This is about letting the requirements and constraints show where you should place something. I like this because it is a driver in workload mobility.

Cost to serve vs opex/capex. Utilization is the key here. I agree.

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