May 6

EMC has caught onto the software defined buzzword.

In the past, deploying a new application took ten weeks and ten thousand dollars. Today with VMware you can do it in minutes with about three hundred dollars. We often forgot the total service delivery task which includes firewalls, storage, IDS, monitoring, which adds days and another $1,500. Automation can help here, virtualization it all may be even better. Define all of this in software.

Software defined data center can be defined as all infrastructure services virtualized and delivered as software. And the control of this data center is entirely driven by software. I’ll add that policy and automation are key pieces of this.

This session was sort of an overview session of the VMware vCloud Suite website content.

Aug 31

Lab Manager does a great job of providing environments on the fly via self service. vCloud Director appears to be positioned to provide the same service in a better way.

One of the first slides in this session shows the terminology map between vCloud director and lab manager. I myself need to remember to go and look at this session online and get a copy of that slide.

Lab manager only supports 1 vCenter, but vCloud director supports 25 vCenters today. VCloud director 1.5 supports SQL now which is a nice change.

This session was mostly about SAP’s massive lab manager deployment and PoC of vCloud director to be the successor of this. They have their work cut out for them for migrating all of their VM’s in lab manager to vCloud.