Jul 14

Cisco Live has officially ended for me slightly early. I am currently on a plane back to Houston and this entry will be posted once I land. Cisco Live is an excellent conference and I am always saddened when it is over. I attended some great sessions this year.

I was able to catch up on new topics in the routing and switching world. I also learned a few more things and talked to an excellent resource on Cisco Quad. I had discussions arounds wireless that were very informative as well as learned about to some new wireless gear that solves a few issues we have in the field. A meeting with the Nexus and MDS teams has proved to be very helpful. I was able to find a couple of vendors that have some solutions to my network connectivity issues in some of our more remote sites. There just are not many times I can get so much accomplished in a week than these conferences.

Now I am sitting on the plane next to Josh Stephens, head geek at Solarwinds, talking about all of the Solarwinds software we have. He has given me a number tips and pointers. No wireless up here at 35,000+ feet or I would be testing them out. This ability to network with people in my industry has a great deal of value for me. I am happy that the benefits did not end when I left Las Vegas, running into the head geek was a nice bonus.

A fun future ahead of me now. New wireless gear to look into. Getting closer to a Quad deployment. New vSphere version was released. Passed CCNA Voice to get started on my voice track. CCNP Voice should sit nicely next to my CCNP Routing and Switching and CCDP. I have jokingly said I may collect the whole set!

Still with all of this excitement, to see Networkers end this year is bittersweet. I have VMWorld 2011 to look forward to I suppose. It’s back to Vegas at the end of August baby!

Jul 12

I am creating this post using a Cisco Cius. What better way to put this device to the test than to actually use it? I have went through the basics and advanced self paced labs here in the world of solutions. The basics covered the android os on cius as well as how to create a video call and some of the other cool features. The call quality looked great, though a little laggy here on the demo floor, which was to be expected.

Using pocketcloud to connect to a windows 2008 r2 desktop works fine as well. Also a little laggy but I still think that could be solved with enterprise wireless instead of demo booth wireless. I am using a full size keyboard and mouse connected via usb to the cius phone docking station.

For giggles I’ll undock the cius to prove my connection remains to my RDP desktop and complete this post. Looks like I had to reconnect to my session. The software keyboard is a bit difficult to use. However it looks like i will complete this post just fine.

Very interested to play wih this device in my environment, I see some good potentials.

Jul 12

Day two here at Networkers, sorry Cisco Live, is well underway. I am in my first session and it is resonating with me! Utilizing ITIL event management, incident management, problem management, and change management to when providing network services has been on the radar for me recently.

I have been thinking about how to fix my “broken” event management. Sure we notify of issues on the network. The issue is more about the noise from excessive notifications. The solution? Proper event management. Things like creative tickets and managing their resolution properly for events on the network. Squelching the noise to allow us to clearly hear the actual issues. Moving away from blowing up the email on your phone and instead aggregating events and correlating them.

A lot of the slides in this presentation have excellent KPI’s provided via charts and graphs. I have been given a lot of ideas of how I want to be able to view my KPI’s with the new CMDB we have been planning to deploy.

If you have too many alerts, less than ideal change management, or a desire to improve your network management systems I would recommend viewing this presentation. If you would like to see how ITIL can quickly apply to the network world you may want to take a peek at this session as well.

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