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Well the day has finally come for us all here at thesystemsengineer.com . This site has had such great success that we have been acquired for 1.3 billion dollars by a company created between VMWare, Microsoft, EMC, Dell, Intel, and Cisco. The sub company known as vMedic has been created to oversee and maintain a a centralized knowledge repository for the major parent companies. vMedic will likely save the lives of millions of Systems Engineers.

All existing knowledge base articles, documentation, white papers and other technical information will be rewritten into thesystemsengineer.com formats. This will allow for fast response to today’s issues without the need to discover, remember, or creatively come up with search patterns that may or may not get the intended results. The original owner of The Systems Engineer will continue to take an active role in keeping the flow of information hot and up to date. Although major funding is being provided through the channels between the parent company’s and the sub company vMedic, advertisements will still be needed to stay a float.

New authors and editors will be found to assist with new content creation. The backing of vMedic will allow for furious growth. We are all very excited here about this announcement. As soon as the announcements are up on the parent sites we will link to them.

For now please continue to make us the best site for information on today’s Systems Engineering needs.

Thank you!
vMedic – Saving SE’s one at a time.

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