Life as a Systems Engineer is enjoyable. I’m sure most would agree that it takes a special type of person usually. I can only describe myself and people I have worked with. We have all had a few things in common. We all started out with computers as hobbies. Either playing games or toying around with software. We all usually built our second machine on our own, as well as every machine after that. Unless of course we found some awesome hot deal or such with a gazillion rebates and a few coupons.

Eventually our hobbies turned into jobs as we gained more and more knowledge. Most of the engineers I have worked with liked to work with the lights off in the offices. Those who were really good at their jobs worked on a schedule they pick out. Arrive early and leave early or arrive late and leave late. Some arrive late leave early but the second something was broke were available to work on it 24×7 until it was fixed. All of them seem to answer their pages and calls as if they had some premonition that the problem existed.

Here, on The Systems Engineer, you will find many technical writings that will hopefully assist you with problems you may face. Theories of operation and designs will be revealed here as well. You are welcome to contact me for further information on any topic, but I will try to be as complete in posting as possible.

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