Feb 1

Here is a quick script that will change the video driver to the correct one for Windows 2008 R2 running on VMware.
Installing the new driver using this script REBOOTS the machine so be careful. It is less painless than using mouse etc inside laggy video machine.

You may need to edit some paths in vmwarew2k8video.bat depending on where you put the files.
Included in zip is devcon.exe for x64 machines needed for this to work. You can also download this version of devcon from HERE on Microsoft’s site.. You should already use psexec. You can download it from HERE on Microsoft’s site as well if not.

Symptoms of having the wrong driver is sluggish mouse/video performance or a black screen. These symptoms are detailed in VMware’s KB article.

This is to be used as needed on Windows 2008 R2 X64 VM’s already deployed. If you do not have this issue yet then make sure you update your template to use the correct driver before deploying.

To use simply type the machine name or ip address as the first argument.
Example: vmwarew2k8video.bat myserver