Aug 31

VMware and VMworld is obviously very successful. It appears VMworld is suffering from growing pains. With over 17,000 attendees this year, I’ve experienced the VMworld growing pains first hand. Many of my chosen sessions have been full, leaving me a choice of rushing to another session or taking my chances of eventually getting in. Both are a dice roll, one includes some cardio. Myself and a handful of others end up waiting outside in a line. When one person leaves the session, one of us enters. Today I went with cardio and still ended up in a line twice!

I have seen what appears to be the VMware person who schedules sessions a few times now. This leads me to believe VMware is aware of the overflow of interested people. I have tried to sell my spot in line for $20-$100 with no luck. People seem to think they have paid their due to sit down in a session, I agree.

VMware we love you. We just really want to hear what you have to say!

Aug 30

VMworld 2010 so far has been informative. It’s obvious in my first few sessions that VMware is serious about cloud computing. Most of my sessions have either shown or eluded to upcoming cloud oriented products and tools from VMware. They appear to even be providing the software we will need to really run our own private clouds. This appears to heavily depend on orchestrator. Keep an eye our for vCloud Director and the vCloud api.

I would be happier if they would allow us to schedule sessions as the lines are quite long to get into sessions. Only one session so far today has been full before I got there.

Breakfast was light, I was hungry. Lunch was a little on the light side, and no water? Coffee was good but seems to have disappeared now. Recycling is big this year and that is welcomed.

The conference bag is a nice backpack. My pocket guide took me to the wrong room; I will have to check my conference bag for the bigger book because I didn’t see it last night. I’m a winner for CSC’s little flyer game. We’ll see what I really have won later. I think they have won some contact info :).

Aug 19
Intel to buy McAfee
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I did not see this one coming. I do see some reasons for it and some benefits, just didn’t expect to see it.

McAfee makes some really nice products for the enterprise. ePolicy Orchestrator is something I really like, use daily, and have used for almost ten years. McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 7.0+ has been leaps and bounds better than 4.5. 8.7i is wonderful. Some of the features I use are custom file access denial rules to block read and write to PST files. This allowed for PST to be completely eradicated in my shop and for us to meet our email policies. ePolicy’s rogue system detection is another amazing piece.

I suppose processor based anti malware could be interesting. Time will tell. You have my attention Intel. McAfee already has my business.