Aug 31

Well folks it is time for the 2nd annual CiRBA grid match at VMWorld!

This year they have taken notice to our methods of winning and have added a twitter draw to their ways to win.

Here is a list of what you can win.
1. Twitter Draw $250 Best Buy gift card. September 4th, 2009.
2. Daily Draw $500 Best Buy gift card. September 1-3, 2009.
3. Grand Prize $1000 Best Buy gift card. September 3, 2009.

So everyone take a picture so we can match up these grids.

Here is mine.

Aug 31

VMWorld organizers,

I hope you take the suggestions of the attendees. More labs were needed. The vsphere performance lab was slap full each time I tried to get in. Many of us were turned away. Then we attempted to get into other labs and they were each full or past the start time and the conference workers would not let additional people in. The only other activity available at the time was the self paced labs. The line for the self paced labs had about 400 people in it.

More content is required to keep us busy on Monday’s. I eventually did make it into two labs but wish to attend more. We will just skip talking about the no lunch on Monday issue.


Aug 30

Well I am here in San Francisco for VMWorld 2009. If I find any good content I’ll be sure to post it here. If anyone would like to meet up for conversation, white boarding, or to share war stories you can email me tsevmworld2009 at thesystemsengineer dot com.

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