Sep 16
VMWorld 2008
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VMWorld 2008 in fabulous Las Vegas!

It took a bit of work to get here as my home city was hit by Hurricane Ike the weekend I was scheduled to fly out to VMWorld 2008 in Vegas.

Lots of contests going on. I have one from cibra where I need to match a card with someone else. If I can find the matching person we win $300. Here is a picture of my card..

All paid attendee’s will have access to the pdf’s for the sessions as well as flash videos. The videos are going to be audio over slides. These will be available by October 2008.

A new site has been launched by vmware. This site is going to save us! It is a collection of best operational practices. It is in a discussion forum format.

I’ll keep updating this post with useful information as I find it.

Virtually anything is possible.

Sep 2

A quick way to find nodes that are not in a collocation group and how much data they are using up. I one onsite stgpool that uses collocation so I specify that I only want to look at data in that stgpool.
select nod.node_name, nod.collocgroup_name, sum(oc.physical_mb/1024) as GB from nodes nod, occupancy oc where nod.node_name=oc.node_name and oc.stgpool_name='MYSTGPOOL' group by nod.node_name, nod.collocgroup_name

This is how I find out what tapes I need to move data off of after running the above query and if I define nodes into a collocation group when they previous where not in one. This was I can reclaim tapes immediatly rather than waiting for data to expire off the tape and space reclaimation to run against the tape.
select distinct volume_name from volumeusage where node_name IN ('NODE1', 'NODE2', 'NODEX') and stgpool_name='MYSTGPOOL'

I hope to update this list as I think of other selects I use often.